Masculine and Feminine

The words masculine and feminine can be interpreted in many different ways. To me, masculine defines how “manly” a male is. When referring to a man, the word masculine reflects positively on them. But, when masculine is used to describe a female, there is a hint of negativity and criticism. Likewise, I feel the same goes for the word feminine. When used to describe a woman, it is perfectly fine, and even complimentary. But, when used to describe a man, it often comes across as offending.
I believe the words feminine and masculine partly come from the words female and male. The general definitions given to them are based upon old beliefs and have been seared into the fabric of our society. The beliefs which I am referring to are the ideas that man is superior to woman, and that woman was made to be subject to man. Although there are cultures still believeing in male dominance, our Western culture has opened up to the equality of men and women. This allows for the definitions of masculine and feminine to be interpreted differently and continually changing within our society.
Although the basic differences between masculine and feminine are the same, the subject being described by either word continues to change. These two words can no longer remain “black and white” and neither can our society. I believe that everything today, including how we perceive masculine and feminine traits, are in the gray.


3 thoughts on “Masculine and Feminine

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